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The Tea and Crumpet Shop

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Pike Place Market Seattle, Washington 98101-1015, United States Owner?

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      (: all i can say is yum.

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      I have been going to this tea shop for decades and love it. It has always been cramped, cozy and sometimes a little crazy, but the food is A1+++++++. You will want to try their crumpets, but try their sandwiches, too. They are awesome! They make their own soup and vegetarian chili, and they are wonderful. They make their own bread but don't sell it (unless it is at the end of the day and they have some left over). The scone cake is a must try. Buy some of their crumpets, scone cake, or tea to take home. The owners, Gary and Nancy, get super busy, as do the people making these wonderful creations, but be patient--you'll be glad you waited!

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      I've been to The Tea and Crumpet Shop many many times over the last 30 years, and I generally like it. However, my last experience with this establishment was very disappointing. I was trying to make up my mind as to which crumpet I wanted and the staff was very bossy and wouldn't give me time to make up my mind. I actually walked out.

      The tea, however, is wonderful. They have a much longer tea list than it appears, so if you want something you don't see (eg, jasmine), just ask. Some tea they make in advance so you can get a quick cuppa without waiting. Others are good quality loose leaf tea that they will make to order.

      The atmosphere ranges from calm to frazzled, depending on the number of people and staff at the specific time you visit. It's not a very big place, and it fills up fast. Staff ranges from very helpful to downright annoying (as I noted at the beginning).

      If you are in Seattle, you owe yourself at least 1 stop at this historic place, and then you can make up your mind for yourself.

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      The employees here like to stress that this really is mostly a crumpet shop that just happens to serve tea.

      But they will brew you some wonderful loose leaf tea by the cup, and they're very jovial and friendly and spunky. If you're at a loss, they'll make a recommendation.

      Their crumpets are delicious. I tried the tomato pesto one, and wow was it messy, but SO tasty. It's connected right to Pike's Place Market so it's right on the path of most shoppers.

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      I visited the Crumpet Shop when I was in Seattle for a convention and it was a total delight. The tea was prepared very well and I bought a 2 oz pouch of a white tea that I had not had before and wish I had bought more. The atmosphere was bustling but in a calm in the midst of the storm way. The staff was friendly and attentive. I will definitely go there again if I get to Seattle again

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      Emily Higgins


      I have to say I was very dissapointed when I visited this 'tea room.' The selection of crumpets was great - I had never seen so many different variations before! But, the atmosphere was really more like a Starbucks in the sense they only had maybe 8 different teas to choose from, but a full coffee selection (i.e. latte, cappichino, mocha, etc.). The teas available were also all self-service. The people behind the counters weren't very friendly and were more interested in getting us through the line then even giving us as much as a smile.

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      Tom and Anne Atherton


      The charm and character of this Pike Place shop envelops you the moment you walk in to the store. The store has a homemade feel which is completely appropriate since all of the crumpets are handmade fresh and hot right there in the store. This is very rare as I am finding and in fact had a difficult time finding a store like it even in London. The teas are all very much specialty fare and for a newcomer such as myself it was a little bewildering deciding which variety to try. The staff, however were very eager to help and even the owner seemed interested in making sure that I was accommodated. I felt very elcome and enjoyed a wonderful first flush darjeeling that was delicate in flavor and soothing to the soul. I bought small 2oz pouch for future use and only regret that I didn't buy more. I always make it a point to stop in the Crumpet Shop when I am in Seattle fro breakfast or lunch. Stop in early for a better selection of crumpets and enjoy the wonderful bottomless tea and fun decor of this intimately charming shop.

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      Jennifer Petersen


      You amaze me! The crumpets were out of this world delicious and the tea was hot and perfectly prepared. What a fun place to visit.

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      Shaunee Power


      My family has been travelling to Seattle to visit family for decades and the only place that all of us agree on revisiting is the Tea and Crumpet Shop. For awhile there was a local shop in my area (CA), but it closed and now my tastes are few and far between. I love everything about the shop: the people, the smallness (more cozy), the food and the tea. My son and daughter and daughter-in-law stop there on their own now (since they've grown) so that must be a recomendation on its own. It's not a cute little cottage ambiance; it's a hearty breakfast, brunch, anytime place. Where else can you watch crumpets be made?

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      This place has the best chai I've ever had. I live in Colorado and am lucky if I get to Seattle once a year, but when I do the Crumpet shop is always on my list of stops!

      Also, skip the marmalade and just go for a hot buttered crumpet, delish.

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      Not too many teas available. the crumpet I ordered hardly stands out in my mind as memorable. small cramped space, so get it to go and sit by the water instead.

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      My mother and I stopped in for a sandwich crumpet. The young man making the sandwiches was pleasant and quite talkative. The sandwich was adequate, although it seemed to be quite bland tasting. My mother thought hers (tomato & pesto) was delicious. The sandwiches were cold and not toasted, but that was a minor flaw. The selection of teas was fine, although not overly generous in my mind. The food was good enough that I would stop in again.