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User's reviews

  • Rose Garden Tea Room


    I like this tea room. The Huntington Library And Gardens where this tea room is located is usually not over flowing with people. Except for that one day a month where it's free. For that particular day, reservations fill up fast. So if you plan on going on the free admission day, be prepared to walk against a mob of people, and eat in a crowded tea room. If you go on another day, you have to pay the admission to get into the tea room. This could be a problem for those of you who budget for the price of the meal only. Other than all this, the tea room itself is great. There is usually two choices of tea, along with iced tea, coffee, lemonade (I think), two choices of scones, plenty of butter to go around, and a wide variety of sandwiches and fruits. It's all you can eat which makes it great for people with large appetites.

  • The Four Seasons Tea Room


    Let me point out first that my only visit to this place was roughly a year ago. I was no impressed. I don't attempt to be bothered by tea rooms that serve flavored teas, but I am bothered by a tea room that only has one flavor of tea to serve. According to them, it was a house blend Darjeeling. To me, it was tasteless. The scones were plain and small. Contents of the sandwiches were not at all explained. The server simply plopped them down in front of us and left. The best part about the meal were the deserts. Although most of them were too rich to eat at once, a couple of them were too darn sweet! The menu did have variety, but not enough to make me want to come back. Oh, the server spilled tea on our table twice. And I don't mean a few drops, I mean she spilled about half a tea cup each time!

  • Past Tyme Tea Parlour


    I've been to many tea rooms in Southern California and this one has been my favorite for a long time. The price is fair and you get a lot for what you pay for. You are allowed to pick as many different pots of tea as you want. You don't get scolded for changing flavors. The sandwiches are a nice size, not 1 inch by 1 inch. The new owner didn't change a thing. It's still the same ol' great place it always was. Just make sure you make reservations in advanced as all the food you will eat is prepared and baked fresh.