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User's reviews

  • Teaberry's Tea Room


    My daughter and I visited Teaberry's on one of our many days out together. This day was supposed to be particularly special as she was taking me out for my birthday. We had made a reservation in advance to ensure seating at a convenient time as we had to travel down from North Jersey. However, when we arrived, we were kept waiting in the lobby/shop area for at least fifteen minutes... despite a lack of any discernable crowd. When you make a reservation, you expect to be seated at your appointed time; we were never actually seated until we asked a second time about our table -- despite several staff whisking past us during the wait. As for the tea itself - we were seated in the far room @ a table for two in the bay window. Quite lovely... until the birthday party came in to sit at the only other table in the room. A CHILDREN'S party, mind you. Much noise, and little supervision. My daughter and I are both teachers and we know the difference between kids being kids and kids out of control. This was definitely the latter. The service was poor; although we had informed our waitress that we were there for the afternoon tea, it took close to twenty minutes to get a menu as they were all being used by other patrons. What kind of establishment doesn't have enough menus for their seating? Especially when the menus are nothing more than photocopies in plastic sleeves. During the course of our visit, the owner came to our room, literally bumped into me and yet, completely ignored our table as she gushed over the children at the party -- obviously friends of hers. Although we are all happy to see those near and dear to our hearts, it seems like as a businessperson, she might have a smile to spare for the rest of her customers as well. The food was unspectacular; the desserts horrendous. Small... miniscule, really, and without much flavor. We have had tea all around the United States and in Paris and several places in the UK and this is, by far, the worst experience ever. We will NEVER return.

    Tearoom response:

    Dear LAPM,

    Teaberry’s is noted for its excellent food and its even more wonderful Victorian tea room atmosphere. We are fortunate to have a lovely gracious staff who takes excellent care of their tables. I am very sorry that your experience at Teaberry’s did not meet the high standards which we both share. I did apologize for the seating delay and explained that we were particularly busy with a large number of lunch guests that day and many of our tables needed to be reset for Afternoon Tea.

    Please be assured that our own children's parties are well supervised events with an agenda that keeps the children entertained and we do not seat our regular customers in the same room with them. That day there was a private reservation that included a few children and parents who were also at the same time celebrating a birthday. We do love seeing children at Teaberry's and do enjoy making them feel welcome.

    I always try to visit each table to greet our guests; however that is not always possible.

    We would be pleased if you choose Teaberry’s on a future occasion and I will assure you my personal attention.


    Susan Peterson

  • Silver Tips Tea Room


    My daughter and I generally spend our days off together exploring new tearooms. And although we had a slight problem finding the shop (hard to explain - it's on the main street in Tarrytown, but we somehow drove past it at least three times!) when we finally did make it in to the tearoom, we enjoyed ourselves very much. Their extensive tea menu is quite refreshing: in a tea-culture that too often relies upon bizarre flavor additives to create variety, SilverTips carries a multiplicity of truely unique black (unflavored) teas. As this is the only kind of tea we drink, we are especially appreciative. I honestly don't remember being either impressed by or disappointed with the food (we always have afternoon tea), but the gift selections are varied and reasonable, especially for the area. We came home with several selections of loose tea and will definitely be returning again and again.

    Tearoom response:

    So glad you enjoyed our tea selection! We will be changing some of our single estate black varietals this Fall so come back and see us again! And we will have a vast array of gifts for the holiday season.

  • Harney & Sons


    My daughter and I made the two-and-a-half hour trek (over hill and dale in some very questionable areas) for the Harney's tea-tasting experience. Because we came on a weekday, we were the only people in the store and recieved the utmost care and attention from all of the staff. We were even introduced to one of the Harneys themselves! We came away with many new teas in bulk - if you have been curious about trying a new tea, but hesitant to invest in several ounces worth, this is definitely the way to go, as the staff will help you to pinpoint exactly what you like or dislike in a tea -- I'm a China person, my daughter prefers Assams... who knew? We both like their All-India blend, as do hubby and son. Kudos to the staff for going above and beyond the call of duty by providing a map back to civilization (a shortcut from the way we came!) and also for recommending a yummy ice cream shop around the corner. The gourmet grocery store in town is also worth a peak.

  • Cup & Saucer Tea Room


    My parents and I were in Beacon last fall for a concert and we stopped at this tearoom for dinner after exploring the other local options (limited though they are). Mom and I had tea, which was poor beyond believing; Dad had their dinner special, which was quite good and plentiful. Although this is not the worst tea I've had, I certainly would not recommend it to anyone. The comments from the other posts were accurate and rang all too true with our experience. The room is sweet, but the food and tea are disappointing.