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C. Louise   

User's reviews

  • Tea's Me


    Such a wonderful and beautiful tea room. Food is hot and fresh. Tea is hot! Service is fantastic. By far this tea room should be number 1 for Oregon. Cant wait to return with my husband.

  • The Secret Garden Gift Tea Room and Gift Shop


    This Tea Room was such a disappointment to me and my friends. It was our Christmas treat to ourselves and we were so looking forward to it. We had to stand and wait in the very small entry area for 30 mins. Tables in the dining room were empty, but we had to wait and wait and wait. Once seated we had to wait yet another fifteen minuets before we were approached by a waitress.Another ten minuets before we received our tea and placed our order.The food was OK. Some very strange flavor combination's. Also everything was backwards. We were given our scones first, then our sorbet, and then the stacker with the sandwiches and savories. l always understood that those should be offered first. You may ask were they busy. NO. Three small tables were all that was accupied. All of the tables that were empty when we arrived and could not be seated at, were still empty when we left. This is not the Best Tea room in WA. There are other lovely places that are way better and not so rude,lacking and expensive. We will never return .

  • Lovejoy's Tea Room


    As a tea room owner myself and beining in the top 5% of my state I know what kind of standards are set for one's tea room. However I cannot believe that this tearoom is rated in the top 5%. I was so disappointed with the whole kit and kaboodle. First off we were offered a couch to eat our lunch on, when we declined the young lady rolled her eyes and put us in the corner like naughty children. Then once we were seated we noticed that the table was very low and the chairs very high which made us very uncomfortable for eating and drinking. The ambiance was of a coffee house no charm or little nooks and crannies to explore. The owner was sat at a table doing her book keeping in front of the customers, of which I found very tacky. We ordered the cornish pasty of which was very good, along with the sausage roll which was fair both items came with a spinach salad with a spicy mustard dressing, VANCAMPS baked beans (not English ones) and a whole heap of brown sauce, my brothers ate the chicken pot pie and a sandwhich plate of which my brothers enjoyed somewhat. We declined a pot of tea though, due to the extortionate rate of $7.00 per pot per person. Bottomless or not I could not justify a 50cent sachet of tea for $7.00 I can honestly say I will not return nor recommend as I believe there are much better tea houses around the bay area.

  • LaTea Da


    As a present tea room owner myself I was very impressed with the waitress we had as well as her knowledge of the tea's on the menu. However there was a downside.....I had reservations with my mum for 2pm. I arrived 15mins early to shop in the gift shop. I have never been so ignored in my entire life. I waited for 10 mins before I was even acknowledged by the person behind the register who was doing nothing. When I gave her my name she told me it would be a moment, I was not seated until 2:25pm. This was poor and totally put me off of the whole ambiance. It was plain rude and was not appreciated at all. I had drove over 100miles just to come to this tea room as I had heard such marvelous comments I had to see for myself. I loved the waitress and the food, however I might suggest a little more manners when someone walks in. I gave a good rating on service quality and cheer due to our waitress, but that is it. I would never survive if I ignored my customers this way!