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Sharon Kelly   

User's reviews

  • The Mad Hatter Tea Room & Eatery


    after looking forward to taking my granddaughters to the MHTR, I was greatly disapointed. The owner, Liz, was very rude. I made the res.,but when I arrived they did not have it. They scrambled to find us a table. I won't even go into the details.I have posted the story on Yahoo and wrote a letter to our huge Minneapolis paper, that is how unnerving this whole experience was. The service was terrible, I had to chase down a server to get a refill on our lemonade, this is after they said 'oh, just put the pot on the end of the table and we'll refill it', after sitting there for 10 minutes and no server to be found, I had to go looking for service. The owner, Liz, made a phone call in front of myslef and my granddauthers to a party that was supposed to have the same time slot as ours, and in front of us blurts out, 'you'll have to come at 12:30, and when 'THESE PEOPLE are finished you can be served' They stuck us in a small room after they told me I and my grandkids were to sit in the bigger room, the room we were in had a water fall, no music, and Liz, the women who has no class, offered to turn off the water fall as I was about to pay my bill........she is a piece of work. The kicker to this story is, we went to an antique shop near the tea room, and after talking to the owner of the store, she said 'you are not the first one to complain about the tea room, there have been many.' If anoynoe wants to reach me for more accounts of this horrid experience, you have my e-mail. Save your money and time, go to other tea rooms.

    Tearoom response:

    Dear Ms. Kelly,

    The only accurate information in your review is that you came to tea (without a reservation, not a lost reservation).

    After your visit to the tea room you called, yelled at me and hung up. That phone call was inappropriate and rude, just as this review is. You offended my staff from the minute you walked in, along with our customers who were appalled at your behavior throughout your visit.

    I will not dignify your review with a response, as there is no factual information in it. I will however be happy to refund your money if you provide us with your contact information.

    We have a longstanding wonderful reputation in the tea community, and with our loyal customers.

    Liz Koch