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Shawn Zeller   

User's reviews

  • Shaharazades Tea Room


    This place is a lot of fun. It has a Turkish ambiance. Food and tea selection are good. This is a nice place to kick back for a snack and conversation. Portions could be more generous. You pay enough for a meal but really only get a snack, and I always believe that tea pots should be refillable, which it is not here.

  • Jacqueline's Tea Room


    A great tea room! Hopefully will prove a successful business and stick around for a while. The tea selection is the best I've ever seen, and tea pots are generously replenished. Food is good. Ambience is most pleasant. I highly recommend this tea room. Just unfortunate that they do not have regular hours. Reservation only.

  • Brown Palace Hotel


    Truly one of the finest tea rooms in America. Service can be uneven, and I object to the policy of requiring large groups to select only a few teas and then providing them with bagged tea. Smaller groups receive a pot of loose leaf tea for each customer. Food is excellent and is generously replenished. Ambience is very special.

  • Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse


    A very very good tea room. Food is good, tea selection average but well presented. Ambience is truly special.

  • Reynolds Tea Room


    Solid tea room. Very good selection of loose leaf tea. Food is good, ambience is most pleasant, service uneven but friendly

  • The Dunbar House Tea Shop


    We went to Dunbar tea room expecting something special, being as it is in Best Tea Rooms in America. We were disappointed. We had a reservation for seven and drove 50 miles to have our special tea, then were seated at three different tables in the tea shop, rather than in the actual tea room or outdoor annex. No refills on tea are provided, which is not the policy at the better tea rooms we have visited. Our server didn't even offer second pots at cost. Even for ice tea, which does come with refills, our server reappeared only when we were nearly done with our meal. Then we were stuck with any automatic 20 percent tip! We're not returning.