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User's reviews

  • The Roswell Teahouse


    My husband and I had a fantastic tea yesterday. Everything was amazing. Carine made suggestions for teas and the food was perfection. this is one of the best teas I have ever had. Your scones are superb. Thank you.

    Tearoom response:

    Amy, I truly apologize for the bad experience at our teahouse. I do want to explain why we have a limited menu. Because we don't do microwave, canned or frozen foods, we want to keep our standards of fresh ingredients high, which we can only accomplish with a small menu.The reason we don't have scones without reservations, because I bake the scones an hour before the reservation time to make sure the customer has a taste of a properly done scone. The person who you thought was a hostess, is actually our tea brewer who had to brew tea in indivudual pots for 20 people, so she was extremely busy and not hiding in the kitchen. The people you thought were her friends, were customers who made reservations for high tea and she was assigned to take care of that table, she could have also socialized a bit with the other three tables taken, and I apologize for that didn't happen. I am a Belgian chef, and in Belgium we serve our quiche at room temperature and not warm. I am happy you pointed this out, so I can next time serve this american style (warm).<BR> I sincerely hope you give us another chance, I will make sure you will not regret it,<BR> regards,<BR> Carine Bourgeois (Chef and Owner)

  • Tea Leaves and Thyme


    This was an excellent experience. My son and I had a lovely tea party for two. He loves the heart and bunny sandwiches. Thanks for everything!

  • Mitties Restaurant and Tea Room


    This is a great tea room with one major exception. Scones. Their scones are really, really bad.They are really biscotti shaped like scones. I would be back here every weekend, but for the scones. I beg you to get some real scones with cream and jam for a proper tea. Otherwise, you all are amazing.

  • Mitties Cafe Tea Room


    Mittie's is wonderful in every respect, except the scones. The scones are really, really awful. I really wish that they served a tradional scone rather than a rasberry rock.