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K. Stevens   

User's reviews

  • Sister Tea House and Gift Shop


    Owners need to research what constitutes afternoon tea. Tea was hot water in a teapot and you pick your own teabag. Messy and shows lack of knowing what is good tea. No milk, just the tacky half and half tubs. Scones were awful, more like a cookie. The Devonshire cream was just frosting, not clotted cream. Sweets were box mix mini cupcakes. One good thing, soup was delicious. Sandwiches were uninspired-cucumber sandwiches had thick slices (too many) on a thin layer of plain cream cheese. No plans to return.

  • Miss Aimee B's Tea Room


    I beklieve this tea room has either closed or a new one (with a new name) has taken its place. The website does not work a well.

  • The St. Louis Tea Room


    Tea Room has CLOSED.

  • Coach and Horses Colonial Tearoom


    What a lovely Tea! The food was excellent and the variety was wonderful! Not the usual dainty food-more imaginative-which pleased my husband a great deal. Scone's were so good. Sweets were scrumptious as well. A generous offering of food and a good price. Nice selection of Teas-the proprietors know their Tea business. It was great fun talking to the owner (Mick)-made the experience even better. Comfortable surroundings (and a great website, too!). Definitely worth the trip. We will be back! It was a wonderful experience.

  • Miss Minerva's Tea Room & Gift Shop


    I have taken Tea here many times over the years. In the past, I always come away happy. This time must have been unusual. My husband and I ordered a full tea for two. The menu was a bit disappointing. Only one sandwich-a sliver of a croissant with chicken salad. The rest of the savories were too much alike. Almost everything else was something with an artichoke or spinach spread on it: cherry tomato, cucumber slice, small slice of bread, even the 'quiche lorraine' was really quiche florentine (spinach. The menu was not varied enough-though each item on it's own was okay. If one did not like spinach or artichoke (my husband) they had little to please. Need more sandwiches to offset the produce with a spread on it. The scones tasted like a mix and the desserts-only two items: a sliver of strawberry cake (cake mix?) and a tiny cookie. No chocolate (so good with tea!). The tea (both of ours) was weak-like they used less than the proper amount for the pot. I would prefer to pay $5 more and have more first course choices and a few more desserts. I would come again-based on overall past experiences. I hope they consider varying the menu more and add a few more items.

  • The Sweet Life Cafe


    Cafe has closed

  • The Lobby Lounge, Ritz-Carlton


    Have been taking tea at the Ritz-Carlton,Tyson's Galleria for years. Consistent in good service, good tea, and good food. Service personnel have always acted like we were special to be there for Tea. Is pricey-but normal for a hotel tea. Recommend it highly. Recently renovated for contemporary decor-was sorry to see the old world elegance decor go. But their tea service still worth the trip.

  • Henry's Antiques, Collectibles & Tearoom


    Food is quite good here (except for the 'homemade' canned crescent roll) BUT this is not a real tea room. They serve afternoon tea occasionally-one day every few months (and if you call and ask if they serve tea-they say yes-but they only mean the beverage not the whole culinary experience). Only three choices of tea (as in green, herbal, and a flavored black tea)and they pour the tea into glass teacups and saucers-so the tea cools quickly (ugh!). Was difficult to get refills-had to ask continually. They seem to have problems with avalibility-told us only one serving of their quiche left-so we ordered accordingly-then the table after us-they magically had more servings! Bit disconcerting. Also, they do not tell you up front the cost of the meal-it is a 'verbal' menu-no printed menu and costs. Go for the food not the tea. Tea lovers go elsewhere.

    Tearoom response:

    Thank you for writing your review although it hurts when people are not happy and do not give us a chance to correct any problems or miscommunications. However, I hope to clarify them now.

    Webster says a tea room is where a light lunch is served to a primarily to ladies. We are very fortunate that we have several men a week as well. We don’t claim to be like any other business but rather we choose to be different. We are careful to call our high tea events “Henry’s High Tea”. When someone calls asking if we serve tea, the first thought is regarding a beverage and not about a method of service or event. We do offer our “Henry’s High Tea” events about 4 times a year and they are events! Because it’s very labor intensive to make the small sandwiches and desserts it is physically impossible for us to offer high tea options during regular lunch hours. In regards to tea the beverage, we offer one hot tea flavor “on tap” and two iced teas every lunch. A tea chest is also available with personal teapots.

    Our rolls are made here in our kitchen from quality ingredients including butter and yeast. They are a popular carryout item and sold by the dozens. We are glad they look so perfect that you assumed they came from a can! Our quiches are also made from scratch and with unpredictable entrée needs we may have one in the oven baking while the last fully baked serving is used. As always, we try to offer only high quality foods and quantities may be limited. I've been to Europe several times and in the European countryside menus are usually verbal and vary according to availability.

    As an entrepreneur, I welcome your comments and strive to make my business the best. We sincerely hope you will return, introduce yourself, and let us serve you. Charla Henry