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Linda Pettit   

User's reviews

  • Serenity Tearoom & Fine Dining


    My husband found out about this tearoom from teamaps. He called and reserved a table for valentines day and took me there to SURPRISE ME. We live in Maryland and drove a hour and a half to reach the Serenity Tearoom. I went in first while my husband parked the car. I was just looking about their little shop seeingif maybe there was an item I'd like to purchase. A lady (the owner?) asked me if I was the Tim and Linda party and I said yes. I had already told another person we had arrived. The next words from this ladies mouth just totally aleinated me. I knew nothing except I was being surprised for Valentines day. I was my husbands guest. The lady decided I needed to be set right on her businesses RULES of practice. I got lectured. BUT being so generious a person she would still seat me and give me 50 minutes to enjoy my serene tea expeience. The only thing we had to choose was our hot tea selection. 20 minutes later our items arrive. I had a whole 30 minutes to cram and guzzle my tea. I let our waitress know how badly I felt at having been lectured on my FIRSTBSURPRISE visit. I said we would not BE BACK and they would receive a negitive reveiw. The lecturing lady came ouut to smooth things over. I said I did NOT want to discuss it at all. I even go so far as to say leave me alone. She ignores me and then talks to my husband instead. WOW! Insulting me yet again. Not satisfied with her results she comes back and tries again a bit later. But this time she appoligizes. I finally feel like maybe she relizes you don't lecture your guests as soon as you meet them. Bad idea. And I begin to relax. Then she has the audacity to LECTURE me again BLAMING me for my dissatisfaction. Stating that I must have come in to her tearoom in a bad mood. I did not know anything about her business rules having NOT been the one to make the reservations. Apparently the 11:00 to 1:00 seating requires you to be SEATED before 11:30. I was put off by the overly familiar use of first names after having introduced myself as Mr and Mrs Pettit. Maybe using only my first name was to make me no my place? JUST a customer. Had the owner waited until we were paying our bill to appoligize for the poor first impression and let the excellent serving staff and perfect food do the job she is able to do. Delight and impress. But she had to have her way. Had to MAKE it better. The place is very fine and sells it self. She should learn to be gracious and flexible. I was on the sidewalk at 1:00. I made a point of OBEYING her edict. Other people were still relaxed and chatting when I left to wait for my husband to pay the bill. As for my mood. I go to tearooms and pay a premium price for tiny but beautiful food in a lovely setting to be PAMPERED and fussed over. We always tip at least 20%. I usually make a purchase from the shop if their is one. I expect to receive polite respect and differance. Friendliness and a 'so glad to ahve you here.' I am NOT being given a priveldge to have a seat at your tearoom and have you bring me your fares. YOU are their to win me over and to compete with all the other businesses out there ready to fuss and give great service. THAT IS MY FIRST IMPRESSION. Your attitude that you were going way out of your way to do me a favor and that I was to feel greatful to you for suffering so for putting up with my husband and I. Linda Pettit

  • Reynolds Tea Room


    I absolutely enjoyed having tea at Reynolds. I have already recommended this lovely tea room to others. The desserts were perfection with their varity, delicate flavor, and the fact they were not over the top sweet. I saw many tempting dishes around the room that has me eager to go back. Having read a few of the other recent reviews I would like to agree that I too was surprised buy the modern Teapots used to serve tea. But they poured nicely. And I am sure that they make tea service easier for the staff being easier to clean and use. I wondered while there if the Tea room is owned buy a business that owns many eateries in the area or if it is family run? It seemed very professional. But I prefer the friendly fussy Tea rooms were I am made to feel like a valued returning friend rather than a customer. I don't care what the Tea service costs it is more about being trated like a royal princess and the pampering than economics. And of course we royals are never wrong. So I will go back a second time because the foods varity was a change from my favorite Tea room. But I only expect to be treated like a customer eating at a chain. Reynolds could learn to be fussy. It is what I want and I am willing to pay for it.