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User's reviews

  • Tea On The Tiber


    Although I've here several times, I will not return. I arrived on Thursday for an 11:30 seating with my 78-year old mother and sister, both from out of town., at precisely 11:17. The hostess notified me that the scones were not ready. I said that that was fine, as I knew I was a few minutes early. The hostess then took her attention elsewhere. I pleasantly asked, can we be seated, and imagine my surprise when she said flatly 'no'. She noticed my surprise and indicated that the staff needed full access for set up. The tea room was totally empty and it was obvious to me that the tables were set,. I said well I guess we'll find somewhere else to go for 10 minutes. We made our way to an adjacent antique shop, where the shop owner overheard our conversation and graciously offered my mother a seat, which she gracioso doted. Althought the shop was small and congested, this did not seem to be an issue. I wish I could have given my $75 to this shop owner, but tea on Tiber took my credit card to make the reservation. I have done high tea for many years around the country and Europe and cannot recall a more unpleasant experience. Tea is as much about the atmosphere as the tea and food. This is the very first negative tea comment I have left for any tea room. There are too many excellent options out there to tolerate this treatment, thus I will never return and will encourage others seeking my advice on tea rooms to follow suit

  • British Bell


    visited today for my daughter's 21st birthday; I have been here several times before. The tea room is lovely inside and service was excellent. The bread sticks served with soup or salad with high tea are excellent, as is their signature turkey sausage roll. You get to select 3 of 6 traditional sandwiches, egg salad, cucumber, salmon, roast beef, chicken or tuna salad. All very good; not extraordinary. The desserts were superb, and choice of 3 types of scones were also excellent. I will definitely be back, but would love to see some new surprises with the sandwiches; perhaps something new and different occasionally for the return customers. If you've not been here before, it is worth the visit; I travelled from MD and was not disappointed.

  • Tea by Julia Faye


    I visited Tea by Julia Faye for the second time yesterday, along with two companions, and this visit confirmed what I remembered from my first visit -- this is hands down, THE BEST TEA ROOM I have been to. A friend and I have visited at least one or 2 tea rooms per month, in MD, PA, VA, WV, and DE over the past 5 years,and I have personally visited tea rooms as far away as MA, NY and England, so saying this is my favorite is saying a lot. There are many wonderful tea rooms in the area, and at this point I have been to most at least once, but this one stands out because of excellence in a number of areas. First, the food is fabulous; freshly made and assembled while you are there; the amount of food for the price and quality is equally amazing. Julia's attention to detail makes even the ordinary seem special; for example, a pitcher of ice water with fresh sliced cucumber - you would not believe how good it tastes. The tea room is tucked in a quiet but lovely neighborhood in Baltimore, in the rear of an old Mansion and adjacent to garden for public viewing. The Tea Room is small, but bright, airy and very elegantly appointed. You feel refreshed and relaxed just walking in. Another selling point is the hospitality of the hostess; she is friendly, informative and fusses over you (in a very pleasant way) throughout your visit. There is no hustle and bustle here; in a prior visit she was assisted by her brother, who was equally hospitable and engaging. If you enjoy tea rooms, you must visit this place and I am certain you will share my enthusiasm. A few of my favorites from yesterday's visit were the cheese biscuit; broccoli cheese soup, cucumber and cream cheese sandwich, mini sweet potato pie and mini cheese cake; I did not come across a single item that either disappointed me or struck me as ordinary. Visit soon!!

  • Abigail's Tea Room


    A fried and I went for tea on June 26th; this was our first visit. The tea room was beautifully appointed in a victorian style. We both had a high tea, which began with a scone and piece of tea bread. The scone was a bit disappointing, in that the scone is usually the favorite part of our tea, and this scone was quite small and more of a cake consistency rather than a scone consistency. Additionally, we each got less than a teaspoon dollop of cream with the scone. Of course we probably could have asked for more but opted on to. Despite this begining, the remainder of the tea experience was excellent. The soup and salad were outstanding, we had a choice of soups and dressings for our salads. the sandwiches were fresh and excellent, as were the sweets. Overall, this was well worth our trip from Maryland.

  • Higinbotham's Bed & Breakfast and Tea Room


    My friend and I visited on the 14th. The home and decor were beautiful, it felt like we had stepped back in time. We were seated in the library and had the room to ourselves. Initially we were disappointed to learn that we would only select one tea between the two of us and we would be sharing with a table in the next room. We had never been to tea room where your tea was not left on your table. However, we quickly overcame that when we asked for two teas, as our tastes are very different, and also asked to have pots left at our table. The hostess was very accommodating and cheerful about it. Everything else was absolutely superb. We started with a homemade scone, followed by a delicious summer squash soup. A plate of sandwiches followed, and although the 'traditional' tea sandwiches were not served, what we did have were delicious and innovative. We wrapped up with a single piece of warm chocolate cake served with ice cream. Again, although not the traditional mini pastries, it was excellent. The hostess advised that her menu changes daily. This is a tea room worth trying or going back to, and if you like antiquing, there are plenty of high quality shops in the vicinity to enjoy after your tea.

  • Reynolds Tea Room


    Having visited many times over several years for tea, the food is always consistently good; the draw back is that it is consistently the same. Nothing has changed over the years, what I got 3 years ago is what you get today. I hope to see some new additions at a future visit.

  • Sweet Simplici-Tea


    My friend and I visited for the second time on 18 July; we found the atmosphere to be very quaint, even the bathroom was dressed up. The service was exceptional, the hostess was very attentive and friendly. We began with a blueberry scone with lemon drizzle; the scone was served warm and was good, but perhaps a little too lemony for me and my friend. Next was a petite salad that was excellent; my personal favorite. Next, sandwiches, fruit and sweets. Sandwiches included a quiche, a turkey rollup, egg salad on a corn muffin and tuna with pear and mint on flat bread. The sandwiches were good, but they may have tried too hard in the innovation department. I thought the egg salad, although good, was overpowered by the corn muffin, and the tuna overpowered by the mint. A coconut cake was moist and very delicious, and an oatmeal and blueberry cookie was nice as well. My friend and I were split on a small fruit cup with a drizzle. There was a wonderful selection of teas that the hostess was eager to describe. A you were greeted with a small sample of their tea of the day; something I've not seen done elsewhere but was a nice touch. I asked for a second pot of tea, as it was delicious, and it was provided at no additional cost. The bill came in a small antique purse, with a piece of chocolate each (very cute) and a small dish of sherbet. They are happy to make accommodations for food allergies; and EVERYTHING is home made. Definitely worth a trip back.

    Tearoom response:

    Thank you for visiting us. Your comments and suggestions mean a lot to us. Come back and see us. Robyn and Lisa

  • Moulin de Paris


    this was a mixed experience, parts were good and othe parts not so good. Soup and salad were excellent, but in portions so large you were full before you got to your tea sandwiches. The sandwiches came with two oversized shrimp with coctail sauce which were very good. However, a smoked salmon sandwich was awful, the salmon was too thick and fishy and the spread to goopy and wet. Same true for the traditional cucumber sandwhiches, where the cucumbers were cut too thick, and the sauce much to wet. In both cases the bread on the sandwiches was soggy and not very appetising. The sweets were superb, as this is the specialty of the resturant. The resturant is excellent, as I have eaten there for many years, but would not likely return for tea any time soon.

  • Gypsy's Tea Room


    wonderful experience; very friendly; best selection of teas, some unusual one I've not come across before; tried the chocolate tea which has just a hint of flavor but was delicious; appearance is very quaint and had a nice shop to go along with it.

  • Serenity Tearoom & Fine Dining


    Cetainly among the best tea rooms I've been to. The food was outstanding; it was obvious that everything was not only fresh, but homemade. The service was equally good. I would have enjoyed a soup the day I visited, but none was offered that day. I would have liked to have had at least one other choice of scone, as that day's selection was rasin which I do not care for. Nevertheless, I cannot wait to go back.